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Video: Why You Need a Password Manager

Video: Why You Need a Password Manager

March 15, 2024


Introduction (30 seconds)

  • Ugh, I’m locked out of my online account again! Let’s see….reset password… ok…let’s go with opensesame…need a symbol….ok…opensesame1 and $
  • Can’t be same as last 6 passwords….
  • UGH what a hassle. What could be worse?
  • What’s worse is that what you’re doing to access the various websites, accounts, credit cards etc., is not only arduous, and annoying, it can also be really unsafe.
  • What’s wrong with passwords?
    • Reusing the same password across multiple accounts.
    • Using predictable patterns, such as birthdays or sequential numbers.
  • Discuss the financial consequences of identity theft:
    • Unauthorized access to bank accounts.
    • Compromise of personal and financial information.

Enter the password manager.

    • Automated tools that create, store, and fill in passwords.
    • Browsers generally come with PW manager, but they’re limited.
    • We use a third party password manager, very helpful and I’ll go over how to find one in a moment.



  • They can make your online life easier and more secure.

We use Dashlane (demo)

    • How is it easier
    • You have one master password to access your password storage
    • Autofill and log into sites
    • Store credit cards
    • Secure notes like PINs, Driver license or passport info, TSA Pre-check info, or whatever else you like
    • Need a new password? Generate one instantly
    • Would you like to share a password securely with a family member, you can do so with this share feature.

How is it more secure?

    • Hackers often gain your login information by sending emails appearing to be from a trusted site. Password managers can recognize these fraudulent sites and only fill your password if the site is legitimate
    • Notified of password health, and if the password used was compromised in a data breach
    • Autofilling payment details and passwords securely.
    • Using unique passwords for each financial service without the need to remember each one.

Which one to use?

  • I’m not an affiliate for any and don’t receive any commissions or anything to promote one of another
  • A lot will be personal preference and usability – most offer a free trial
  • Some popular ones include: Dashlane, 1Password, Nord Pass, and Roboform – I’ll put links to each in the description.
  • Little learning curve on each
  • Two biggies
    • --- AES-256 Bit encryption, which exceeds the 128-bit encryption used by many banks.
    • 2 factor authentication – even if your master password is compromised they would need your cell phone too

Password managers can be a fantastic value both in making your online life simpler and safer. If you want to stop the madness of scrawling passwords into your notebook, using the same password for 30 different sites, and having a fit everytime you need to come up with a new password.

  • Check out a password manager and see the links below to see if they can help you!