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Planning Process

Your Planning Process with Retirement Theory

1. Introductory Call

What do you want to accomplish?

During this introductory call, we'll talk about your needs, wants, concerns -- whatever motivated you to reach out to us! We'll walk through our approach and how we may be able to help. From that point we can determine if moving on to the next step makes sense.

Some ways we can help you:
  • Financial organization
  • Investment analysis and management
  • Tax strategies
  • Short-term / long-term goals planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Retirement income planning and projections

2. Discovery Meeting

Deep dive on current financial picture

This Meeting Is All About You!

We’ll talk about what you are most interested in accomplishing, and any immediate financial concerns you may have.

We'll go through your financial "biography" as you have written it so far. This includes a thorough review of your assets, liabilities, taxes, insurance, and cash flow.

Planning services quote provided after Discovery Meeting

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3. Draft Plan

Explore what’s possible!


In this step, we meet to craft a "draft" plan for your path forward. We’ll take you behind the scenes of your financial plan to see what could be. We’ll the view pros and cons of following different financial paths, and help clarify your goals, and how to achieve them.

You’ll also gain online access to your financial plan, so you can view and interact with it in real time!

4. Review and Prioritize

See your strategy come to life


At this point, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow summary that describes where you are now, what you’re looking to achieve, and an action checklist for how to get there. We will go through the checklist together, and begin working on your highest priority items. 

As always, we're with you every step of the way-- to handle any "heavy lifting", answer questions, and provide guidance on any decisions you need to make.

5. Plan Evolution

Monitoring and Support


You are not the same person you were 10 years ago. Your financial picture, your goals, and your life are constantly evolving. As is the world, the market, and of course, taxes! 

Our greatest value to you is our continual support to help you navigate all of these changes. We're constantly monitoring your plan for changes, risks and opportunities that are important to be aware of.

You have unlimited phone, email and Zoom support to ask questions or get advice on anything that comes up on your end. In addition, we establish a meeting schedule (generally twice per year) to update your plan. 

Your plan update meetings ensure we’re on the same page for big picture items, but will typically focus
on a single key area — such as cash flow, taxes, investments, or estate planning. This targeted approach prevents overwhelming you with too much information at once and ensures every important aspect of your financial life gets the attention it needs!


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