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If you are not locked out, try these steps first!

Forgot Username or Password?

Account Login

  • Click the "Forgot User Name" or "Reset Password" link on your login page and follow the prompts (see below)
  • When resetting your password you will receive two emails. One gives you the access code. The second is a link to enter the access code.
  • Be sure to type code in, rather than copy and paste.

Plan Login

  • Your username is almost always your email address. Please click here to let us know if that is not working.
  • Resetting your password will send you an email to your address on file. Follow the prompts.

Fidelity / NFS Login

  • Click the "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?" link on your login page
  • You can opt to receive a text or email code
  • Follow the prompts

If you are locked out to let us know and we'll get you unlocked ASAP!

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